Henna Tattoo

From festivity to common days where you want to glam up a bit, Brow Arch Threading Salon & Spa provides you with the best, most innovative and stunning Henna tattoo! Which are temporary which will go way from your skin in due course of time.

At Brow Arch Threading Salon and Spa we have skilled and experience Staff who knows the new designs and trends in Henna Tattoo to make to look Different.
Our aim is to surprise you with new designs every time you get Henna Tattoo from us, so that you don’t have to think twice before choosing our Salon. We hope that our new designs will leave you satisfied.

If there is some design absent from our book, the customers can always come up to us and suggest it, and it will be done in no time.
We hope that we leave you satisfied so you don’t hesitate before sharing our name with your friends, relatives or family.

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